Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge

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Wireless Rain Gauge – The high-quality rain gauge with professional outdoor sensor determines the rainfall easily and accurately. The rain gurge shows the amount of preciptation during the selected measuring period (1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month) plus a histogram over the 6 previous hours. Self-emptying rain bucket (empties via internal tilting cups).

Multiple Data Display – Large LCD display with orange backlight, can display all important data at a glance, such as, real-time rainfall display, preciptation histogram, indoor and outdoor temperature(℃/℉), time(12/24-hour), date & week. Selectable 7 languages(English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and Danish), easy to read.

Tendency Display – This weather station clock can accurately display indoor and outdoor temperature. It can show the tendency and record the maximum and minimum values of indoor & outdoor temperature, normally update every 24 hours.

Daily Alarm Clock – The kit is not only a wireless rain gurge but also an alarm clock, you can manually set time and it is with snooze function. Press any button except top button can stop the alarm, otherwise the ascending “Bibi” alarm sound will last for 2 minutes, easy to use and set!

Wide Application – Powered by AAA batteries (not included). The digital weather station with rain gauge is suitable for any table position or wall hanging. You can place it in your home, office, bedroom, nursery or conference room. Perfectly designed, you can also send it as a gift to your friends or family.

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1 review for Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge

  1. Durham Weather

    Avast, me hearties! Gather ’round as I share me thoughts on the Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge. This here device be a trusty companion for yer weather tracking needs, whether ye be sailing the seven seas or tending to yer landlubber’s garden.

    First off, the Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge be as easy to set up as unfurling a fine set of sails. With a swift and smooth process, ye’ll have this device ready to weather the storm in no time. The rain gauge itself be sturdy as a ship’s hull, built to withstand the elements that Mother Nature throws our way.

    Now, let’s speak of its wireless prowess! This rain gauge be like a trusty lookout perched atop the crow’s nest, sending wireless signals to the display unit with nary a fuss. No need to string cumbersome cables across the deck, me hearties. The wireless range be fair and true, allowing ye to keep the display unit safely stowed below while still receiving the latest rainfall reports.

    Speaking of the display unit, it be as clear as the night sky on a calm, starry evening. The measurements it provides be sharp and accurate, keeping ye informed of the precipitation levels with a quick glance. Some models even offer the ability to see the rainfall history, giving ye a clear view of how the tides of rain have ebbed and flowed.

    Aye, the Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge be built tough, like a seasoned sailor weathering many a storm. It can withstand the rain’s relentless assault, ensuring that it continues to serve ye faithfully. However, do remember to give it a bit of TLC from time to time, clearing away any debris that may try to hinder its rain-collecting abilities.

    Now, let’s talk precision, me hearties. While no gauge be perfect, this here Aceshop device be known to provide accurate readings as dependable as the North Star. Remember, though, to give it a check and a calibration now and then to keep it on course.

    In conclusion, me shipmates, the Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge be a valuable addition to any sailor’s or landlubber’s arsenal. Its wireless connectivity, easy setup, and reliable measurements be like a steady breeze guiding ye through uncharted waters. Whether ye be a seasoned captain or a novice seafarer, this trusty rain gauge will ensure ye know the rainfall patterns like the back of yer hand.

    So, raise a mug of grog and toast to the Aceshop Wireless Rain Gauge. May it be a faithful companion as ye navigate the ever-changing seas of weather. Yo ho ho!

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