Ambient Weather WS-152B 6″ Contemporary Barometer

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  • The USA version of this instrument displays the metric units (mmHg) on the inner scale and imperial units (inHg) on the outer scale.
  • The 6″ brushed aluminum bezel and transparent silver and black dial is both bold and handsome. It’s contemporary design is at home in the office, board room or the modern living room setting.
  • The barometer is equipped with a set screw for easy calibration. The back includes a hook for easy hanging.
  • The barometer allows for sea-level calibration up to 3,000 feet. Do not purchase this barometer is you live above 3,000′.

Technical Details

Product description

Frame: 6″
Face: 5″
Depth: 1.5″
Pressure displayed in both inHg (outer scale) and mmHg (inner scale)
For indoor use only

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