UNI-T Air Quality Monitor



  • 【Multi-Function Testing】The air quality monitor can test multiple air quality data including concentration of formaldehyde (HCHO),PM2.5, temperature and humidity that shows the real time data on the LCD display.
  • 【Air Quality Level Indicator】It shows the air quality level with different funny emotions. Excellent, Good, Light Pollution, Middle Level Pollution, Serious Pollution, Bad Pollution for PM2.5 testing result. Good, Pollution, Dangerous for formaldehyde. Showing the precise data in real time.
  • 【Easy to Use】This air quality detector is powered by rechargeable battery with low battery indicator. If the particle concentration is over the standard value, the red light turns on automatically to alarm. Very easy to initiate and use with included clear instructions and responds quickly.
  • 【Detect Air Quality Anywhere】The air quality tester is lightweight and compact which allows you take it anywhere. It’s convenient to check air quality in in bedroom, bathroom, basement, living room and kitchen, offices, hotels, schools, factories and even car. It helps you keep away from air pollutions.
  • 【Seller Warranty】We promise 100% money back warranty for 30 days with free replacement. Plus lifetime prompt customer service for fast help and solution. Buy with confidence.


Why You Need a Home Weather Station
Use a home weather station to monitor your environment, both inside and outside your home, or install one in your greenhouse to help you keep an eye on the conditions in the garden. Home weather stations can bring you all sorts of data on the prevailing conditions: temperature, humidity, time, moon phase, wind speed, rainfall as well as air purity and co2 details.

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