Dyson AM06 Desk Fan, 12 Inch

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The Dyson AM06 desk top fan is a 12 inch bladeless fan that uses Air Multiplier technology to generate an uninterrupted flow of smooth air for personal cooling. With no blades or grille, The Dyson AM06 fan is safe, easy to clean and doesn’t cause unpleasant choppy air.

Air Multiplier technology works by draw in surrounding air and channelling it’s direction to create areas of low pressure, resulting in a powerful stream of smooth cooling air. The Dyson AM06 has been engineered to significantly reduce turbulence throughout the machine. Airflow paths have been streamlined allowing air to pass through the machine with greater efficiency.

It’s also designed with a Helmholtz cavity that captures and dissipates sound from the motor – making it 75% quitter than the previous generation. It’s even been awarded a quiet Mark award for improved sound quality but the noise abatement Society. Features 10 airflow settings 12 inch fan Diameter 9 hour timer air Multiplier technology 75% quieter than AM01 model 40% less power consumed compared with AM01 model White/silver colour remote control included W x H x D: 356 x 552 x 100mm Weight: 1.73kg

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