Durham Weather Quiz

So you think you know about weather? Have a go at our weather quiz and see how you do. No prizes, but if you can get more than 6 you’re doing well.

0-3 Weather Numpty

4-6 Promising

7-8 Prospective Michael Fish

9-10 Weather Guru


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(Visited 557 times)

#1. Which year had the coldest Christmas Day in the UK?

#2. The 10 minute rainfall record is held by Carlton-In-Cleveland on 10th August 2003. How much rain fell?

#3. What is generally regarded as the coldest village in The World?

#4. In what year did weather observations start at Durham Observatory?

#5. Where were the most fatalities (8) in a UK avalanche?

#6. The highest Atmospheric Pressure in the UK of 1054.7mb was recorded where?

#7. What is Graupel?

#8. How many British sea areas are featured in the Shipping Forecast

#9. The June sunshine record of 382 hrs was recorded where in 1925?

#10. What does a Pluviometer measure?

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