This Day in History: 1903-02-26

: 26th February. Severe gale.

A severe South Westerly gale swept much of the British Isles overnight, causing much damage in Ireland, Wales, Northern England and Southern Scotland. In Ireland it was considered the worst windstorm since 1839, and in Northern England since either 1894 or 1886. There was widespread and serious structural damage to houses and public buildings. Thousands of trees were uprooted, telegraph communication between South and North was suspended and transport was seriously disrupted. A train crossing the Leven Viaduct nr. Ulveston, Cumbria was overturned. The death toll nationwide exceeded 15, and may have been as great as 30. Peak gusts included 92mph at Southport (Lancashire), 88mph at Pendennis Castle (Cornwall) and 87mph at Holyhead (Anglesey).

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