This Day in History: 1903-06-13

: 8th-20th June. Severe Flood.

This rainfall event appears to be unique in the UK’s climatological archives. with long periods of continuous rain through thirteen days over Southern England, but without the torrential thundery downpours that so often occur associated with summer rainfall. The wettest area was almost exactly coincident with the Thames basin; upwards of 125mm of rain fell over 14,200 sq km, and 150mm+ fell over 5,800 sq km. At Carshalton, Surrey, the total for the event was 226mm. Between the 13th and 15th of June it rained practically non-stop for a period of 60 hours, with 90-110mm during this period. Flooding was extensive along the Thames and Lea, haymaking was completely ruined and grain crops badly depleted.

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