This Day in History: 1901-12-12

: 12th-14th December. Snowstorm.

Heavy snow, accompanied by a North Easterly gale affected much of Central and Northern England, and also Southern Scotland, especially over 150m above sea level. All railway traffic between London and Northern England ceased, thousands of telegraph wires were brought down and telegraphic traffic between North and South was also suspended and there were heavy losses of livestock, mainly sheep, in upland districts. Several deaths were reported. Level snow was 40-45cm deep in Shropshire; drifts to 4m were noted in Wales and North East England and South East Scotland, and it was said to be the worst snowstorm in the Cheviots and Lammermuirs for over half a century. A rapid thaw between 15th-18th December 1901 led to extensive flooding.

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