The Last 5 Octobers in the UK According to Trevor Harley

October 2016

A very anticyclonic month, with high pressure centred over Scandinavia, so generally a very easterly month. The end of the month was very mild. Overall very slightly warmer than the long-term average, but very dry, with 38% of the average rainfall. It was wettest in places most affected by showers from the east. It was sunnier than average (117%), particularly in the west; northern Scotland recorded its sunniest October since records began (only in 1929). The highest temperature of the month was 22.2C at Trawscoed (Dyfed) on the 31st, and the lowest -5.0C at Tulloch Bridge (Invernessshire) on the 25th.

October 2017

A very westerly and southwesterly month. Ex-hurricane Ophelia brought some very windy and warm conditions around the 16th. Overall it was warmer than average, particularly in the east. It was dry except for the NW, and very dry in the SE (under 25% of average). It was a dull month; the equal dullest October on record in Northern Ireland. The highest temperature of the month was 23.5C at Manston (Kent) on the 16th; the lowest -5.0C at Tulloch Bridge (Invernessshire) on the 30th, in a brief northerly outbreak.

October 2018

Another unsettled month. The second week was unusually warm due to southerly winds, and there was a northerly outbreak bringing very cold weather in the final month. Temperatures overall were close to average, but with milder days and cooler night. It was overall quite dry, with 82% of average rainfall. It was very sunny, with 122% of average, making it the fifth sunniest October since 1929. It was particularly sunny in East Anglia. The highest temperature of the month was 26.3C at Donna Nook (Lincs.) on the 13th, and the lowest -8.6C at St Harmon (Powys) on the 30th; the reading at Donna Nook is the highest maximum so late in the season on record. A hefty 159.8 mm of rain fell in the 24 hours 9-9 at Libanus (Powys).

October 2019

Mostly unsetted. Generaly rather cool, particulary in the north. It was wet in England and Wales, particulary Cornwall and Yorkshire, but slightly drier than average over Scotland, the NW, and Northern Ireland. It was sunnier than average where it was dry. The highest temperature of the month was 21.3C at Trawsgoed (Dyfed) on the 1st and the lowest -6.2C at Altnaharra on the 31st. On the 26th, 101.0 mm of rain fell in the recording day at Libanus in the Brecon Beacons.

October 2020

Very unsettled. It was a very wet (142% of average rainfall) and very dull (72%) month. It was particularly wet in the east. It was the fifth wettest and fifth dullest on record. About average temperatures overall, although days were slightly cooler and nights slightly warmer than average. The 3rd has been declared the wettest day, on average, across the UK, on record (since August 1986), with a nationwide average of 31.7 mm. The highest temperature of the month was 19.1C at Writtle (Essex) on the 8th and the lowest -3.3C at Tyndrum (Perthshire) on the 15th. 127.1 mm of rain fell at Fettercairn (Kincardineshire) on the rain day 3-4th.

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