The last 5 Junes Weather in the UK according to Trevor Harley

2016 Wet, dull, and quite warm. The first half was more settled and relatively warm. The night of the 22-23 June saw severe thunderstorms with flooding in the SE, particularly in the London area. Farnborough recorded 45.0 mm overnight. The end of the month was cool and unsettled. The average temperature was brought up by some mild nights; the highest temperature of the month was only 27.8C, Porthmadog. Rainfall overall was 144% (95 mm), with a lot of it occurring towards the end of the month. It was particularly wet in the east. There was only 74% of sunshine (137 hours), although Anglesey and some of the western islands recorded above average: Shetland saw 200 hours.

2017 A June that was very different depending on where you were. In the north of Britain it was rather cool, very wet, and rather dull; in the south and east it was very warm, quite dry, and quite sunny. Overall the CET was 16.0C, making it the warmest June in the series since 1976 – but bear in mind that this average hides the regional variation. The month started and ended with unsettled spells. There was a notable heatwave in the middle of the month. The month was quite warm, with 24.3C recorded at London Heathrow on Friday 16th. There then followed a spell of five consecutive days where 30C was recorded somewhere in England, the first time this has happened since 1996: Saturday 17th 30.2C (Teddington), Sunday 18th 32.1C (Hampton), Monday 19th 32.5C (Hampton), Tuesday 20th 31.4C (Wisley), Wednesday 21st 34.5C (Heathrow). The Wednesday high of 34.5C is the highest in June since 1976 (35.6C at Southampton on the 28th). It was much cooler on Thursday 22nd, after a cold front swept south, with a national maximum of “only” 27.2C at Manston (Kent). The lowest temperature of the month was -2.3C at Altnaharra on the 2nd. It was very wet in the north and east, and particularly wet in the Edinburgh region, with 200% of the monthly rainfall there. There were thundery downpours in the SE at the end of the month, with Santon Downham in Norfolk recording 85 mm in 24 hours on the 27th. Although sunshine was close to average overall in England, Scotland only saw 74% of the expected average. So, overall, a very memorable weather month.

2018 Very warm and dry; in some areas the warmest and driest on record. It was the warmest June on record for Northern Ireland. There was a notable heatwave late on, with 30.0C recorded at St James Park in London on the 25th; 30.7 at Rostherne in Cheshere on the 26th; 31.3 at Aviemore on the 27th; 31.9 at Glasgow Bishopton on the 28th. There were some very high temperatures across the north and west on the 28th, with temperatures just above 31C recorded at Aviemore, and over 30C at Castlederg (Northern Ireland) and Trawscoed (Wales), including 30.5 deg. C. at both Thomastown and Derrylin Cornahoule, both Co. Fermanagh, on 28th June;. A provisional figure of 33.2C from near Motherwell was for a short time the new record high for Scotland, beating the August 2003 record; it was later found possibly to be affected by a car parked near by, so the 2003 record stands. It was the fourth sunniest June on record (with 142%, behind 157, 1940, and 1975, since 1929). It was very dry, particularly in the south and southeast, with 48% of average for the UK, and even drier in England and Wales. Essex had 1.7 mm of rain Dorset 2.0 mm, and Middlesex just 0.7 mm. A CET of 16.1 makes June equal with 2003 but behind 1950 (16.2), 1940 and 1970 (16.4) and well behind 1976 (17.0). East coasts were often cooler due to onshore winds and the position of the anticyclone. The highest temperature of the month was 33.0C at Porthmadog on the 29th.Thunderstorms broke out across the country in the final week.

2019 Record-breakingly hot in Europe, but changeable here. Overall the mean temperature was close to average. After a warm start it turned cool and wet, very eat in Lincolnshire, particularly between the 10th and 13th, with cool NE winds, causing local flooding. 74.6 mm rain fell at Wainfleet (Lincs.) on the 10-11th. The final third of the month was warmer and more humid, with some thunder. The 29th (extremely hot in Europe with a Saharan plume) was very hot. Sunshine was 95% of average, dull in the Midlands and West, but sunnier than average in eastern Scotland and the north of England. The highest temoerature of the month was 34.0C at Heathrow and Northolt (London) on the 29th.

2020 After the fine May, June soon become unsettled. There was a late heatwave: 32.6C recorded at Heathrow on the 24th, and 33.4 there on the 25th, followed by a thundery breakdown. Overall it was slightly warmer than average, and it was much wetter than a typical June, with 144%. Sunshine was close to average, although it was quite dull in the west and central and eastern Scotland. In the 24 hours up to 9 am GMT on the 29th, 212.8 mm of rain fell at Honister Pass in Cumbria – this is a new 24 hour record for June. The temperature didn’t fall beneath 20C at Gosport and Hastings on the south coast on June 25th, a rare example of what is called a “tropical night”.

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