The last 5 Januaries Weather in the UK according to Trevor Harley

2016 Mild and wet. The first week was extremely unsettled leading to extraordinarily high rainfall totals in east Scotland, with widespread severe flooding. The second week was much colder, with an incursion of Arctic air. It was then mostly unsettled and mild. The highest temperature of the month was 16.5C at Achnagart (Highland) on the 24th, and the lowest temperature was -12.4C at Kinbrace on the morning of the 19th. The rainfall total was 152% of average, making it the fourth wettest January on record; it was the second wettest calendar month of all in east Scotland – just beaten by December 2014. 103.8 mm of rain fell at Spittal of Glenmick (Aberdeenshire) on the 3rd. It was a dull month in all but the far south (80% of average).

2017 Dry, anticyclonic, sunny, and with average temperatures. It was though cool in the SE. Rainfall was 62% of average, and sunshine 120% (making it the 10th sunniest since 1929). The highest temperature of the month was 14.2C recorded at Achfary (Sutherland) and Plockton (Ross and Cromarty) on the 25th, and the lowest -10.1 at Braemar on the 30th.

2018 Cool and sunny in the north, quite mild in the south. The 2nd – 3rd saw a gale across the south bringing wet weather; it was then relatively unsettled, but changeable from mid month. It was cold and occasionally snowy in the north, with Eskdalemuir recording a depth of 38 cm by the 17th. Parts of N and E Scotland were relatively dry, with Aberdeenshire seeing less than half the long-term average, while Northern Ireland and SW Scotland were wetter than average. The highest temperature of the month was 15.1 C at Monks Wood (Cambridgeshire) on the 28th, and the lowest -13.7 C at Kinbrace and Altnaharra on the 21 st. On the 14th – 15th 82.2 mm of rain dell at Alltdearg House, Skye.

2019 Overall close to average temperatures. The second half of the month was colder. It was a dry month, and very dry in east and southeast Scotland and northeast England, with 52% average rain overall. Sunshine was average, although again it was sunny in southeast Scotland and northeast England, and dull in the SW. The highest temperature of the month was 14.2 C at Slapton (Devon) on the 25th, and the lowest -14.3 at Braemar on the 31st.

2020 Very mild. Anticyclonic for the first week and again from the middle of the month until the 26th. The month saw an intense anticyclone develop; London’s highest ever pressure of 1049.6 mbars was recorded at Heathrow on the 19th, and 1050.5 at the Mumbles, Swansea, on the 20th. There were fewer frosts than usual and only a little snow in a few places at the end of the month. Rainfall was 100% of average but it was wetter in the west and drier in the east. Sunshine was 94% of average, but particularly dull in the NW. The highest temperature of the month was 15.5C at Achfary (Sutherland) on the 7th and the lowest -7.9C at Braemar on the 10th. On the 10-11th 138.0 mm of rain fell on Skye.

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