The end of October 2018 looks quite cool in Durham, but no snowfest

The end of October 2018 is shaping up to be a lot cooler, almost like it knows that the clocks are going back this coming weekend. However, it won’t be as cold as some of the tabloid papers are trying to suggest. There’ll be no snowfest, but there is likely to be snow on Scottish mountains and northern hills as the wind will be from a Northerly direction. Maximum temps in the North East look as though they’ll be around the 7-8 degC mark and minima will not drop below zero. Temperatures will have recovered by Thursday 1st November.

People need to stop believing the rubbish being peddled by the likes of Nathan Rao and the Daily Express (they then share with regional tabloids) and listen to respected weather broadcasters (Met Office, NetWeather). Forgive me if I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about this, but these people are spreading untruths and getting bona fide weather people a bad name.

picture of weather map showing an arctic wind source for 27th october 2018

The Forecast for 27th October 2018 with an Arctic Flow

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1 thought on “The end of October 2018 looks quite cool in Durham, but no snowfest”

  1. The cold spell has started and after rain overnight from the North, the morning of 27th has opened with sleet mixed in with the rain. Very cold looking and we are going to Newcastle today. There was lying snow visible on high ground to the west.


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