Live Data at Last!

NetAtmo weather station in brushed aluminium
The NetAtmo weather station powers Durham Weather. It’s available at the Durham Weather Store

After lots of configuration, I’ve now got live data from the Weather Station onto this site. It’s still very much in Beta testing at the moment, but you can now see live data from the current day at

Today’s Weather in Gilesgate, Durham

There’s details of the following Ephemerical Data



Day Length

Moon phase

The main meteorological data that I collect is then displayed. You can see the last 24 hours data, with the most recent data at the right hand side of each graph. The rainfall data shows the data from the current day, midnight to midnight.


Relative Humidity

Dew Point


Barometric Pressure

The page is also available from the menu at the top of the screen as ‘Live Data’.

I’ll be adding to the page as I learn more about the software.

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