Ice in the River Wear in Durham January 1984

During the winter of 1983-84, there was a very snowy cold spell in the last week of January 1984. Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England were affected.

Here’s a nice couple of black and white photos of the Fulling Mill and Cathedral taken by Craig Oliphant, who has very kindly given his permission to publish. Ice is just starting to form in the still water above the weir.

The Bonacina/O’Hara snowfall analysis says

“Jan, very snowy in Scotland. 13th-23rd Jan., Scotland, N. Ireland and northern England. Considerable drifting on hills. 21-23rd Jan., northern England, C. Highlands, Scotland 2ft lying. Early Feb, Scotland. 24th Mar., Highlands.”


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  1. In ,1984 we had our last child and she was born in February that year. To my memory it had been snowing hard for several weeks with cars stuck fast, no vehicles could move with most people struggling to make way through the snow/ice. That is my last remembrance of deep snow in Norwich.


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