Coldest Christmas Days – 2010 is up there!

This list has been compiled from CET records after we experienced the coldest December for more than a century in Durham. In a climate that has shown a seemingly inexorable rise in temperature, December 2010 came as a huge shock to the system.

Christmas Day 2010 ranks third in a series going back to 1772, marginally behind 1830.

Coldest Christmas Days

-10.8 degC   1796

-6.6 degC   1830

-5.9 degC   2010

-5.8 degC   1878

-5.1 degC   1779

November 2010 also contained one of the coldest ever days recorded in that calendar month, coming in at -4.0 degC on 28th. It also ranks 3rd in all-time cold November days.

Christmas days are often romanticised on Christmas cards as being cold and snowy, but that really is a legacy from Dickens and the 19th century. In reality, snow on Christmas Day is getting less common, but people still try to beat the bookies every year.

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