Freezing Decembers – They really are very rare in the UK

picture of the Frozen River Wear December 2010

When December 2010 came along and hit us square between the eyes, it was a complete shock to the system. There had been no below freezing December in the UK (average below 0.0 degC) since 1890. That’s 120 years. These are temperatures from the CET series (Central England Temperature). The last time the temperature averaged … Read more

Winter Chills : The Great Winters of 1947 and 1963 in the UK

This is archived content that used to be on the Met Office website, but isn’t anymore so I decided to resurrect it for posterity, adding my own comments and adaptions. It’s a page to refer to when people talk about the harsh winters of 1946-47 and 1962-63, the two UK winters that are used as … Read more

December 2015 Weather in Durham – Freakishly mild, but wild and wet.

The River Tees gushing over High Force Waterfall in December 2015

December 2015 was easily the mildest December on record. The mean of 7.8 degC at Durham was 3.9 degC above average. December 19th 2015 featured the highest ever December temperature recorded in Durham. It reached 15.9 degC, a massive 0.8 degC higher than the previous record (15.1 on 22/12/1991). Nationally it was also the warmest … Read more

Coldest Christmas Days – 2010 is up there!

This list has been compiled from CET records after we experienced the coldest December for more than a century in Durham. In a climate that has shown a seemingly inexorable rise in temperature, December 2010 came as a huge shock to the system. Christmas Day 2010 ranks third in a series going back to 1772, … Read more

Frozen River Wear in Durham, December 2010

frozen river wear december 2010

The River Wear froze in Durham in late November/December 2010. Here’s a daily weather diary of the period with photographs of the brutal spell of weather we hadn’t experienced for a long time. November/December 2010 25th Nov   Snow cover at 0900hrs. 2″ in Ferryhill, 5-6″ in Newcastle. 26th Nov   Snow cover continuing. Brighter, … Read more

December 1981 – The River Wear freezes up in Durham

December 1981 was a phenomenally cold snowy month in Durham (along with the first half of January 1982). Snow lay for most of the month as a result of several heavy falls. There were some brutally low temperatures, double figure negative temperatures. In January 1982 the British Record of -27.2 degC was equalled at Braemar … Read more