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What do people search for at Durham Weather?

Here at Durham Weather, we are always interested in what others are searching for when they find us.

The weather is of course very seasonal, and the popularity of certain subjects obviously changes with those seasons, especially in winter, when extreme weather captures people’s attention.

In the last 12 months, the most popular search term used leading to visitors to the site has been ‘uk snowfall history‘, peaking in December (as people tried to find out the likelihood of a White Christmas), and also in early March (as the media whipped up interest in the return of a ‘Beast From The East‘). Snow is always a great magnet for us.

Next on the list was ‘Exacta Weather‘. This is a website run by a guy called James Madden, who feeds newspapers like the Daily Express with sensational forecasts for them to write headlines around. If you see a sensational story in the Express, chances are it’ll have Mr Madden’s name embedded in it somewhere. In general, whatever Exacta predict to happen, the real weather is almost certain to do the opposite.

The next most common search was for ‘NetAtmo Weather Station Review‘. This is the weather station I currently use here at Durham Weather to generate the figures here and the one I have most experience with. It’s a wireless, stylish piece of kit that doesn’t look out of place in the home. It can be purchased from the Durham Weather Shop here.

After that, a couple of more search terms are popular as an alternative route to UK Snowfall Statistics and James Madden/Exacta, then a very popular item in the Durham Weather shop is revealed. It’s not actually a weather item at all, rather a ‘sky item’. It’s the fantastic Slokey Skyways 40070 Telescope for Astronomy. The growth in Astronomy over recent years has been huge, particularly with Elon Musk’s SpaceX endeavours and the resurrection of the US Moon missions.

The next most popular products searched for in the Durham Weather Shop are the Kalawen Weather Station and the Sainlogic WS3500. Both of these are incredibly popular and more than capable products for an amateur wishing to run their own weather observing site. They are easy to install and can be used to send data to external websites for reporting purposes, as well as to produce good monthly summaries.

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