What range of weather to expect in January in Durham

As Christmas is over for another year, and we’ve been disappointed by the lack of snow again, we start looking forward to the New Year. What’s sort of weather is normal for Durham in January? Well. looking at the means for Durham, and the extremes, we can see what range is ‘normal’. Durham Weather Extremes since 1850 JANUARY Mean Temp : 3.8 degC. (Max 6.6, Min 0.9) Warmest : 6.8 degC in 1916. Coldest : -2.1 degC in 1881. Abs Max Temp : 16.7 degC on 9th, 1888. Absolute Min Temp : -17.2 degC on 17th, 1881. Mean Rainfall : … [Read more]

February 1991 – A very snowy episode!

I was rooting about in the loft the other day and came across an old logbook of mine from when I lived in Ferryhill. It covered the period of late 1990 and early 1991. Immediately I took interest because there was a memorable period of heavy snowfall in February 1991. What is striking was that snow was 15” deep on 9th and 10th. I know I took some photos at the time, but can’t find them now unfortunately. Here’s the page from the log. As you can see, there was an air frost every night for the first 19 days. … [Read more]

Some great photos of the severe weather December 2010

Some nine years ago, we were in the grip of one of the most severe spells of weather to occur in the month of December for over 100 years. Around Durham, the snowfall in December 2010 was very deep. Here’s a selection of local photos taken by Gary Tidbury of the conditions around Framwellgate Moor in Durham.

A great example of an Ice Spike

A good mate of mine just posted these extraordinary photos on Facebook of an ‘Ice Spike’. “This morning I had never heard of an ice spike and if I had ever seen one, would have had no idea what it was and shrugged it off as something strange. A post on another site had a photo of one happening in the great outdoors of Northumberland along with an explanation of the strange event. That reminded me that yesterday, in my small beaker used for inaccurate assumptions of rainfall measures, I had noticed a frozen stick shape protruding above the top. … [Read more]

November 2019 – Wet, Dull and Pretty Dreadful

Cold, Wet and Cheerless Once again I have poor weather to report for this month. Particularly, high rainfall totals again and an incredible dullness that depressed. I know that November is sometimes a cheerless month, but this one has been really rubbish. The weather has also been cold, with depressed maxima by day, although not too cold at night until the last few days. I have had a bad cold for most of November and I blame it almost completely on the rank weather November has served up for us all. No sun – no moon! No morn – no … [Read more]