December 2015 – Freakishly mild, but wild and wet.

December 2015 was easily the mildest December on record. The mean of 7.8 degC at Durham was 3.9 degC above average. December 19th 2015 featured the highest ever December temperature recorded in Durham. It reached 15.9 degC, a massive 0.8 degC higher than the previous record (15.1 on 22/12/1991). Nationally it was also the warmest ever December (beating the previous record held jointly by 1934 and 1974, by a huge margin of 1.6 degC) and the wettest calendar month on record. At Durham it was also the wettest December since 1978. Amazing that only 5 years separates the cold December … [Read more]

2015 Yearly Summary

For the year as a whole, three months fell below the 1961-1990 average temperature (June, July, September) so, despite a warm end to the year, the overall average (9.3°C) was well down on last year. Whilst well above the 1961-1990 average, it is only just above the average for the last 30 years. 2015 was the 37th wettest year on record at Durham, a dry first half to the year and a wet second half. Five of the last ten years have been wetter. Sunshine hours were once again below average, for the fourth year in a row. There was, … [Read more]