The Coldest Winters – Putting Recent Winters in Perspective

The coldest since ….. I’ve seen several reports saying last winter was ‘the coldest since 1962-63’. Whilst it had one particularly cold month (December 2010), last winter was not particularly cold overall (December to February). It’s average was 3.1 degC. This was because, although December was so cold, January 2011 was average and February 2011 was very mild. Here’s a list of the coldest winters, with the average for the 1st December to February 28th period 1962-63.    -0.3 degC 1813-14.     0.4 degC 1794-95.     0.5 degC 1878-79.     0.7 degC 1829-30.     1.1 degC 1946-47.     1.1 degC … [Read more]