Coldest Christmas Days – 2010 is up there!

This list has been compiled from CET records after we experienced the coldest December for more than a century in Durham. In a climate that has shown a seemingly inexorable rise in temperature, December 2010 came as a huge shock. Christmas Day 2010 ranks third in a series going back to 1772, marginally behind 1830. Coldest Christmas Days -10.8 degC   1796 -6.6 degC   1830 -5.9 degC   2010 -5.8 degC   1878 -5.1 degC   1779 November 2010 also contained one of the coldest ever days recorded in that calendar month, coming in at -4.0 degC on 28th. … [Read more]

Frozen River Wear, December 2010

November/December 2010 25th Nov   Snow cover at 0900hrs. 2″ in Ferryhill, 5-6″ in Newcastle. 26th Nov   Snow cover continuing. Brighter, with improvement in road conditions 27th Nov.  Snow cover holding. Several further snow showers today 28th Nov.  Some more snow overnight. Hard frost. -17.3C in Llandryndodd Wells in Wales overnight 29th Nov.  4″ more snow overnight. Slight thaw. Frequent showers of hail, sleet and snow. Thunder too! 30th Nov.  Snow cover persisting. Frequent snow showers. Strong E wind. Cold 1st Dec.    More snow overnight. Another 1-2″. -20c at Altnaharra last night 2nd Dec    Frequent snow showers … [Read more]