2007 Yearly Summary

2007 was the 4th warmest year at Durham since records began in 1850 (9.83°C), equalling the 1949 and value and only exceeded by 2003 (9.88°C), 2006 (9.94°C) and 2004 (9.96°C). The 12-month running mean was above 10°C from January until September; the ‘year’ from June 2006 to May 2007 was the warmest on record at 10.77°C. The mean maximum for the year (13.6°C) was the 8th highest (since 1900) while the mean minimum (6.1°C) was 4th equal highest. Remarkably, the mean air temperature did not fall below the 1961-1990 average in any month (Using the 1971-200 averages, July, August and … [Read more]